Lead. Believe. Innovate.

I am a dedicated minister, author, and social entrepreneur. I currently devote my energy and experience to serving in numerous directorial roles, including Executive Minister at Bay Area Christian Church, CEO of Digital Scribbler Inc., and Editor in Chief of Deep Spirituality.

God is not who you think he is.

My latest book is for those who are interested in God, but turned off by organized religion. The writing in this book is an attempt to replace the burdensome practice of religious Christianity with the spiritual experience of knowing God and making him known and to discover the Christianity Jesus intended.


Projects and recognition

  • E-Sports

  • Digital Scribbler

  • Hope Technology Group

  • Deep Spirituality

  • Jefferson Award

  • Congressional Citation

My life and career embody my devotion to leadership, service, inclusivity, and transcending human limits.

My journey has been particularly influenced by my experience as a father to a family with disabilities. Witnessing our sons courageously navigate Autism and Down Syndrome has forged a stronger bond between me and my wife, Gail, teaching us the value of embracing and finding purpose in life’s unique challenges.

There is an intricate relationship between leadership, emotion and spirituality.

As CEO of Digital Scribbler, I am focused on developing augmentative and alternative communication technologies for iOS and Android devices. Our mission is to help those who can’t speak find their voice. I am also involved with the Hope Technology Group, a nonprofit foundation that uses technology to overcome human limits, and E-Sports, an all-volunteer inclusive soccer program. I have received recognition for my service and publish a newsletter covering technology, leadership, and creativity. In addition, I started Deep Spirituality to help people experience a personal relationship with God.