About Me

“The technology that overcomes a human limit usually doesn’t amplify human differences. It’s more likely to even things out.”

My focus is on using technology to overcome human limits. Why?

Fortune smiled on me the day I became a father of a family with disabilities. Human limits became real as I watched my sons fight to overcome Autism and Down Syndrome. Their inspired efforts increased the intensity of purpose shared by my wife and me. We learned to live differently.

Significant numbers of people fear being different. Disability has served to help my family and I overcome this fear. It has clarified what’s important and freed us from convention. The struggle has consistently opened our eyes to the discovery necessary to overcome our family’s human limits.

This has been my personal journey. As a minister, I’ve applied what I’ve learned from my family’s experience to my spiritual life and process, constantly looking for ways to grow and refusing to settle for tradition or convention. This type of transformative thinking is something I believe a relationship with God should do for everybody.

The years of creative and spiritual struggle have turned me into a social entrepreneur. This site is a place where I hope to share not only the discoveries that have enriched our lives, but also ideas for the future.

The entrepreneurial enterprises born out of my journey are Digital Scribbler, Hope Technology Group, E-Sports, Lead Different, and Deep Spirituality. I am CEO of Digital Scribbler, as well as Founder of Hope Technology Group and E-Sports.

There is an intricate relationship between leadership, emotion and spirituality.

As CEO of Digital Scribbler, my focus is on developing augmentative and alternative communication technologies for iOS and Android devices. We have two featured products.

Quick Talk AAC is our comprehensive mobile product. Quick Type AAC is a streamlined version. Everything we do is in some way related to the use of Augmentative Alternative Communication. Our dream is to help the silenced find their voice.

The Hope Technology Group (HTG) is a nonprofit foundation that creates, funds, and launches programs and organizations that use technology to overcome human limits.

E-Sports is an all-volunteer inclusive soccer program founded in 2000. This program is dedicated to empowering both typical and special needs children of all abilities to reach their full athletic and social potential.

I was fortunate enough to receive the Jefferson Award and a Congressional Citation in recognition of my service in 2007.

My Lead Different newsletter covers ideas, insights, and the practical application of technology in the field of education. Every day it expands to include my other interests, which are leadership, technology, and creativity. I hope I can inspire you to join me on my journey to use technology to overcome human limits.

I started Deep Spirituality in 2017, a site to help people experience a personal relationship with God as it was meant to be: attractive, life-changing, and powerful. It is through Deep Spirituality that I am publishing a new edition of my book, He’s Not Who You Think He Is: Dropping Your Assumptions and Discovering God for Yourself, where I invite you to discover a refreshingly original way of thinking about Christianity, in which God is at the center rather than people, religion, or emotion.