My focus is using technology to overcome human limits. As a father of a family with disabilities, this has become my mission and personal journey.

Russ Ewell
Silicon Valley, CA

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12 Leadership Reasons Steve Kerr = Win

Rusty Simmons recently wrote a phenomenal article about new warriors coach Steve Kerr.  You can find it here.   His storytelling was reminiscent of my early reading of Sports Illustrated during the 1970s.  I can still remember the March 17, 1975 issue with my favorite player Phil Ford on the cover.  Rusty writes with the same penetrating insight, making Steve Kerr come alive, just the way SI made Phil Ford come alive so many...

The Courage to Keep Moving On

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is one of my favorite leaders and presidents. He is arguably the greatest president. Washington presided over the birth of our country, Lincoln set it on a course to endure, but without Roosevelt their work would have unraveled in the hopelessness of the depression....

Russ Ewell

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