My focus is using technology to overcome human limits. As a father of a family with disabilities, this has become my mission and personal journey.

Russ Ewell
Silicon Valley, CA

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E-Sports 2020

Russ concludes his time with Greg and Ray discussing the future and potential expansion of E-Sports. Though E-Sports has grown in ways no one could imagine, there is still so much more we can do. We can’t stop pushing for growth until everyone is included and accepted, and must keep setting goals and moving forward towards them until we achieve that. Episode References E-SportsDigital Scribbler“Start Your Own” E-Sports ProgramE-Sports Social Media:FacebookInstagram: @e_sportscaTwitter: @e_SoccerCA ...

The Millenium Falcon, Microsoft, and the Death of Hardware

While watching "The Force Awakens" something on the periphery struck me.   Hans Solo had a deep attachment to the Millenium Falcon.  Even though it was an old beat up machine, he had a bit of emotional nostalgia about it.   This started me thinking about our or perhaps only my attachment to hardware. Device hardware is where most of us make our first attachment to computing devices.  Apple has dominated the consumer market...

Russ Ewell

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