My focus is using technology to overcome human limits. As a father of a family with disabilities, this has become my mission and personal journey.

Russ Ewell
Silicon Valley, CA

Spiritual Life

As I assessed the condition of religion in the 21st century, I decided to write this book to introduce a new way of thinking about faith—where God is at the center rather than people, religion, or emotion. This book is my attempt to provide hope to those who have been turned off by by organized religion and the God it presents.

A dream of mine was to create a mobile app that could both inspire and teach people to love God, love the Bible, love people, and do good. A few friends and I put our heads together, and in December of 2013, we launched the BACC Imagine App to make spiritual tools available for anyone who is looking to grow in their faith and make a difference in the world.

I love basketball. My friends say I’m obsessed. It’s been a passion of mine since my high school days in Michigan and my college days in the East Coast. When I moved to the Bay Area from Washington D.C. in 1993, I had a vision to start a competitive basketball league similar to the leagues I grew up playing in on the East Coast. Over the past few decades, our Above the Rim basketball league has grown into a premier Bay Area summer league for adults and many NCAA athletes, as well as a middle school summer league to keep kids healthy and active. My hope is to bring the whole community together for the love of The Game, and to create a great family experience for both the players and the fans.

Russ Ewell

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