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Russ Ewell

Northwestern Football’s Attempt To Unionize & What We Can Learn: Sports Culture and How It Builds Leaders, Part 2 | Ep. 006

Continuing the conversation started in Part 1, Russ, Caleb and Matt share the overwhelming influence sports had on their lives and discuss how much it can develop the qualities of a leader.

Northwestern University’s football team and their quest to unionize in an attempt to expand the rights and benefits of the student-athletes showed to contain many lessons on leadership. Team sports culture instills in those involved and ethos of, “we either succeed together, or not at all.” A collective heart to band together for a larger goal that is bigger than any one person. Not everyone will grow up to become a professional athlete, or even a collegiate athlete, but everyone can be a part of sports to develop qualities that can’t be learned elsewhere.

Should college athletes be paid to play, allowing them a share of the massive revenue gained by the NCAA and Universities around the U.S.? Listen in to find out their thoughts on the topic.

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