My focus is using technology to overcome human limits. As a father of a family with disabilities, this has become my mission and personal journey.

Russ Ewell
Silicon Valley, CA


Make Hard Work Count With “Smart Work”

  “What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” – Dwight Eisenhower Christina Wodtke uses this Eisenhower quote in her book Radical Focus.  This quote sums up my personal failure to work smart, and I tie it directly to my emotionalism. Emotion is one of, if not the most powerful force at work in our daily lives.  Whether we are giving our emotions free rein or suppressing them, they are a powerful...

5 Questions about Social Stories?

I was inspired when Tim Carmody wrote "What's Wrong With Education Cannot Be Fixed with Technology" for Wired Magazine.  He outlined some of the ideas Steve Jobs had about textbooks.  This was before iBooks Author was in the mainstream.   I hoped parents of special needs children could use this tool to develop Social Stories.   This is my quote from the story. Let’s take just one stakeholder example: students with disabilities, as well...

Russ Ewell

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